Celebrities Who Are Against Real Fur

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In recent years, wearing real fur has become a faux pa, with society deeming it cruel and unjust.  Celebrities who are against real fur are some of the best advocates for the cause as they use their social media and various platforms to fight for the animals kept in factory fur farms.

Faux Fur Fabric Guide and Color Chart

Welcome to our Faux Fur Guide & Color Chart! At FUREVER, we want to offer you as much customization as possible when choosing your favorite faux fur coats and vests.  Our Faux Fur Fabric Guide is the key to help you achieve the perfect piece! Everyone has their own unique style, personality and tastes so […]


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Hello and Welcome to our first blog! We are so happy that you’ve stopped by and get to know us a little bit more and our mission to spread our love of faux fur!  So you may be wondering, who exactly is FUREVER? We’re a women’s outerwear and accessories brand that focuses on producing quality, […]